Jesus is Born, Angels Rejoice

Carol McLeod gives a visual picture of what could be happening at the time of Jesus Birth beautifully spoken into your heart! OH WHAT A SAVIOR  HE HAS COME INTO THE WORLD TO SAVE YOU! #Jesus #angels #Christmas #savior #light #rejoice all this and more on “The Call” with Nancy Sabato Watch & Listen toContinue reading “Jesus is Born, Angels Rejoice”

Jesus Filled My Life

Sarah Heringer lived a life apart from the church and did the things that pleased herself putting God on the outside of everything. Sarah put God on the backburner. But God had other plans for Sarah, His intervention radically transformed her life.  #selffilled #Jesus #Jesusfilled #church #God #holyspirit #jesuschangedmylife Watch & Listen to Faith StoriesContinue reading “Jesus Filled My Life”