Are You Struggling Through A Storm? Lift Your Gaze

How can we hear God when we are suffering? Does God leave us in a storm? Kim Clark shares what we should be doing during these uncertain times of uncertainty and gives 3 steps that someone can do right now, that can give peace through difficult pain and storms in life. Kim says Lift yourContinue reading “Are You Struggling Through A Storm? Lift Your Gaze”

Live, Love & Laugh Through Life

Cherie Nettles says you have to live love and laugh your way through life she’s a southern gal and she’s here to make you laugh!  Cherie says southern women are given an extra dose of sassy & attitude and says some of the most beautiful women I know have grey hair, the most wrinkles, andContinue reading “Live, Love & Laugh Through Life”

God Gave Me A Second Chance; Died Three Times

June 18th, 2016 Benji Evans’s life changed when he wasn’t feeling well, and he admitted himself into the hospital; his Pancreas exploded. Little did Benji know this would be a life-changing experience. He died three times and has no memory of the 35 days in the hospital. Benji says: “God gave me another chance whenContinue reading “God Gave Me A Second Chance; Died Three Times”