January Message from Nancy

You made such a big difference for us here at The Call, our hope is that the interviews inspired  you to want to go deeper with God and if you haven’t explored a relationship with Jesus we want to help you understand who He is to you. He died on the cross, that’s God  madeContinue reading “January Message from Nancy”

5 Ways To Help With Anxiety

Kathy Howard says God is Bigger than your difficulties. Kathy gives 5 ways to help with Anxiety. Please share this video! #anxiety #covid ##anxiety #covid #5waystohelpwithanxiety #kathyhoward #Jesus #kathyhoward #Jesus Watch & Listen to Faith Stories & Teachings on..- The Call with Nancy Sabato  Website: https://thecallwithnancysabato.com Pray Attention -devotional & journal check it out onContinue reading “5 Ways To Help With Anxiety”