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Do you wonder if God hears your prayers? Yes, He hears your prayers and we know that He will provide an answer in His time. This devotional will inspire you to write your prayers and requests as you wait for God to work. A place for you to reflect!

Pray Attention -devotional & journal check it out on Amazon books and ebook Kindle

Jesus became the living Word of life. Through this book you will be able to understand the beginning of Jesus life, walking through the beginning of His ministry to choosing His disciples and to the resurrection. This book is for refreshing your study of Jesus and for beginning your journey through this amazing life of the one who has put His life as a sacrifice for us all. There are discussion questions and many relating scripture verses.

Jesus;The Word Amazon Books & Kindle

In God’s Grace we find the peace that our hearts long for. Maybe you have been seeking this all your life, looking for the world to fill you up with it’s gratification. But you can never be satisfied with the material things of the world you need Grace, which only the Lord can give to you. By Grace alone is truly where the love of Christ is. This devotional is a reminder that there are no works that you can do that get you into heaven or favor from God, it’s by His Grace you are saved!

God’s Grace Amazon Books & Kindle

Sharing Your Faith Story

Christian T Shirts That make a statement

Are you Sharing Your Faith or do you find it tough to get the conversation started…….. We have a solution! When you are out, people notice short words that can spark a question, that’s the prompting of the Holy Spirit to share the joy of Christ.

Change a HEART today!

“Grace-t-shirt” is the perfect tee for every occasion. Whether you’re going to school, hanging out with friends, or at church on Sunday morning, Grace is the shirt for you! With its flattering style and soft fabric, Grace is sure to become one of your favorite shirts.

Share Your Faith story

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