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Gay to Straight – Matthew Karchner Story

Matthew Karchner grew up in a Christian home but as a teen he noticed that his desire was strong for the same sex. His life took many difficult turns and his parents turned away from him and he found himself in a desperate place. That’s when Jesus rescued Matthew. Great story of God’s transforming work in a life of a person who was addicted and lost.

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Finding Hope in Hopelessness

Grace Fox talks about finding hope in a crisis, how can we find hope in a hopeless situation. Grace says; in all my heart is the Lord and so it’s a matter of staying in tune with Him,  it is the word that gives us encouragement. 

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Do Miracles Really Happen?

Charles Hunt author of Miracles In My Life wrote about 29 miracles in his book, but talks about miracles of God’s intervention and healing that happened in his own life. 

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Pentecost; The Promise Of The Holy Spirit

Did the disciples fold their hands and wait or did they share what they had gone through and what Jesus did? 

Pastor Michael Jakes joins Host Nancy Sabato as they discuss Pentecost and shares the 4 powerful reminders of that time in Jerusalem when Jesus left the disciples and told them to wait.

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What Is Pentecost?

Patsy Ho, Bible Teacher & Speaker talks about the history of Pentecost, the gift Jesus promised and the prophecy of Joel 2:28-29 saying -“He will pour out His Spirit on all people in the last days. Jesus gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit.

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What Is The Lord Trying To Tell You?


Gina Napoli, Author of the book Clunk On The Head, How The Holy Spirit Got Our Attention, shares two stories of the how the Holy Spirit tries to get your attention. Gina says, you must be discerning when listening to the Lord.Gina shares two scriptures Psalm 119:25 & Psalm 77:12

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Domestic Abuse Survivor

Donna Wayles is a domestic abuse survivor and author of “I’ll Pray For You”. Donna says: 1 in for women 24.3% aged 18 and older in the United States have been the victim of severe physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime.Donna talks about her sexual abusive marriage and her husband that tried to kill her and stalked her. YouTube

Women Seek Qualities That Reflect Jesus In Men


David Riffel is the Founder and Executive Director of Mentoring-Warriors.com and says; God created us different for a unique reason, men need to take that risk in opening up to women. See the Video on YouTube

Mob to God -New Identity In Christ


Robert Borelli grew up in a tough neighborhood in Brooklyn went to Catholic school and got lost in the shuffle of the local wise guys, doing runs for them & then became drug addicted, ended up in Rikers. Part of the Gambino Crime Family, drugs and alcohol took over and was in and out of prisons…see video on YouTube


How To Walk In Your Purpose


Beth Townsend International TV Host of “Life On Purpose” talks about the purpose that God has for you. Why do people give up on their purpose? See Video on YouTube


How To Come Into A Relationship With Christ


June Hunt, International Radio Host talks about how she came to Christ and watched people being saved and didn’t know why she had to be saved but says in John 3:3 you must be born again to be saved. Because in John 14:6 Jesus is the way the truth and the life. on YouTube


How to Be Obidient To Christ


Tina Wanamaker talks about 3 ways someone could be a disciple for Christ and says that as we seek God we, ask, listen and obey. on YouTube


Depression Jesus Sets You Free


Patty Mason was in the deep darkness of depression her syptoms were screaming at her children, crying, sleeping alot and turning to alcohol. Patty had thoughts of suicide and she looked everywhere for help, See Video on YouTube


Losing It All God Restores


Carole Lewis (Author & Speaker) & her husband thought they were living the dream life when several events took them by surprise and they lost everything. Video on Youtube


Lost To The World, Found In Christ


Khaleel Jones was lost….an out of control guy on drugs, porn, & sexual immorality, he ran after the world and proclaimed he was an atheist and did not believe in God. See video on Youtube


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