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Addiction was Neil’s story for many years, through a basketball injury Neil began his journey depending on drugs, letting down his wife and children through heavy drug use and credit card debt. Until one day, he tried to take his own life. Watch Neil’s story on YouTube

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In 1996, Three women met together to form a gospel group called “Southern Charm” they traveled around America singing for Jesus. Their first song was ‘In The Presence of Jehovah” . It’s the story of enduring love between these three forever friends. Watch This Story on YouTube

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Heidi Gaul is a writer and workshop instructor for writers, she writes for Guideposts & Chicken Soup For The Soul , she talks about her upcoming book and about her story of being stranger raped at 16. Watch the video on YouTube

Sherry Pounstone joins Nancy Sabato discussing her two books -Becoming a Woman of Power with God- and -Becoming a Woman of Character.- Sherry says there is freedom from addiction, and your past through the power of Jesus. Sherry says : “If you see me in church on Sunday morning,

Sherry Poundstone, National Speaker/Author/Radio Host National Director for Speaker Development ____________________________________________________________________ #TheCallwithNancySabato #faithoverfear #encouragingstories #encouragingwords Watch faith stories on The Call with Nancy Sabato on YouTube channel

The Most Powerful story of a woman that went from addiction to coming clean in the power of Jesus Christ! Gin Davis became a drug addict from the early age of 18 to 37 years old. Gin tells us:” I was going nowhere fast” – her biggest nightmare came true when she married someone that abused her son.Watch Gin’s Story on YouTube.

Lauri Hogle talks about her near death experience that turned into illness which deepened her dependence on God, this taught Lauri who Jesus was. This experience taught her so much about his mercy and love. Lauri called on the elders of her church (James 5:14) and they all prayed

“I grew up in a very musically family” says: Mary Beth DiAngelo and her story gets even better as she unfolds her journey from living a life lived for self to a life redeemed by Jesus- Mary Beth says she heard Jesus speak to her and what she does next was just amazing! Stay tuned

What does #Forgiveness look like? Speaker Author and Teacher #ClarenceHaynesJr as we discuss and learn reasons why we #forgive and how we hold back our #forgiveness from others – A great interview on how to forgive and how it hurts you when you don’t. Watch On YouTube

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Praying for Your Children Karen Verhoog, New Jersey State Coordinator Moms in Prayer International. Kathy speaks about how you can start a group and pray for your children. Prayer changes everything and when you pray for your children you will see miracles happen. Moms In Prayer. Watch On YouTube

God can take you out of dark places In his book ” Imaginary Things, Inside The Mind Of A Schizophrenic” Michael had an ordinary life and suddenly he was brought into a mental illness called Schizophrenia. In this interview Michael tells his story of false reality and struggle .Watch on YouTube

Anna Simon prayed the prayer of asking God if she was holding onto anything to tight, after a tragic accident she faced loss and suffering. But Anna had a vision of Jesus and her life seemed to be tough, but her faith stayed strong and she found herself being comforted by Jesus. Watch on YouTube

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Watch faith stories on The Call with Nancy Sabato on YouTube channel

Darla Colinet continues her story in Part 2 as she talks about how after 3 failed marriages she hesitated to meet anyone but Jesus had another plan. Darla took a trip to Italy and met her current husband Allan , but she had hesitation when Allan after their first meeting- Watch Darla’s Story on YouTube

Darla Colinet is a Author, Speaker & Life Coach In part one of this interview Darla talks about searching for the perfect love, but as she searched she realized, the only perfect love is found in Jesus. As God was leading her through this journey of finding true love. Watch Darla’s Story on YouTube

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