Changed- Transgender to Transformed 

What is it like to leave the LGBTQ community? Jeffrey Mccall started as a teen with same-sex attraction and after college decided to change his identity, he tells us what happened and says: “so I actually identified as a homosexual male from about 12 to 27 around 27 years old and the whole country wasContinue reading “Changed- Transgender to Transformed “

Mother’s Heart- Creating Family Traditions

Carol McLeod, Author, Speaker, Podcaster Gives tips on creating Family Traditions with a low to zero budget. Carols speaks about Moms who are weary and get angry and she speaks into the lives of young moms who need to pray for their children. Carol explains what a Prayer Closet can look like. #mothersheart #prayer #traditionsContinue reading “Mother’s Heart- Creating Family Traditions”