What is a Cultural Christian?

Are Churches Compromising? What does a lukewarm culture compromised church in America look like? Damon Albert’s message emphasizes the need for every believer to live a radically “set apart” life for Jesus,  -How do we know we are following that Culture? -What’s going on with the Churches and what they are teaching? -How can a Christian knowContinue reading What is a Cultural Christian?

God Gave Me A Second Chance; Died Three Times

June 18th, 2016 Benji Evans’s life changed when he wasn’t feeling well, and he admitted himself into the hospital; his Pancreas exploded. Little did Benji know this would be a life-changing experience. He died three times and has no memory of the 35 days in the hospital. Benji says: “God gave me another chance whenContinue reading “God Gave Me A Second Chance; Died Three Times”