Are You Struggling Through A Storm? Lift Your Gaze

How can we hear God when we are suffering? Does God leave us in a storm? Kim Clark shares what we should be doing during these uncertain times of uncertainty and gives 3 steps that someone can do right now, that can give peace through difficult pain and storms in life. Kim says Lift yourContinue reading “Are You Struggling Through A Storm? Lift Your Gaze”

Live, Love & Laugh Through Life

Cherie Nettles says you have to live love and laugh your way through life she’s a southern gal and she’s here to make you laugh!  Cherie says southern women are given an extra dose of sassy & attitude and says some of the most beautiful women I know have grey hair, the most wrinkles, andContinue reading “Live, Love & Laugh Through Life”

God Looks At The Heart

Does Bible say God looks @ the heart? Could it be that you need a heart adjustment today? 1 Samuel 16:7 (God looks @the #Heart)  Tina Wanamaker is sharing her insight into how God looks at the heart of every believer in Jesus. God judges by faith and character, not appearances. For more information aboutContinue reading “God Looks At The Heart”