Are We In The End Times?

How does biblical prophecy fit in with current events? Could Russia and China be part of Biblical prophecy? How do the end times focus on Israel, and how do the Abraham Accords and future treaties bring a false sense of peace? Dr. Jeffrey Johnson gives us the theologian look at end times events that areContinue reading “Are We In The End Times?”

Are You Struggling Through A Storm? Lift Your Gaze

How can we hear God when we are suffering? Does God leave us in a storm? Kim Clark shares what we should be doing during these uncertain times of uncertainty and gives 3 steps that someone can do right now, that can give peace through difficult pain and storms in life. Kim says Lift yourContinue reading “Are You Struggling Through A Storm? Lift Your Gaze”

God Gave Me A Second Chance; Died Three Times

June 18th, 2016 Benji Evans’s life changed when he wasn’t feeling well, and he admitted himself into the hospital; his Pancreas exploded. Little did Benji know this would be a life-changing experience. He died three times and has no memory of the 35 days in the hospital. Benji says: “God gave me another chance whenContinue reading “God Gave Me A Second Chance; Died Three Times”

God Looks At The Heart

Does Bible say God looks @ the heart? Could it be that you need a heart adjustment today? 1 Samuel 16:7 (God looks @the #Heart)  Tina Wanamaker is sharing her insight into how God looks at the heart of every believer in Jesus. God judges by faith and character, not appearances. For more information aboutContinue reading “God Looks At The Heart”

God Can Turn Your Life Around

You are on top of the world and you have plans but  What happens when your plans fall apart?  Before his prison sentence, Jerry Roberts led a life as a gang member of the Crips, and while in prison he had a life-changing experience with Jesus. He saw God’s favor through His journey as one doorContinue reading “God Can Turn Your Life Around”

Sorrow Can Become A Healing Agent

Every parent’s fear is to get a phone call that something has happened to your child, for Bob and Jeanne Arnold, it turned their lives upside down but God met their pain in ways you can’t imagine. Sorrow Can Become A Healing Agent. You can get Bob and Jeanne Arnold’s book -When The Circle Is Broken- @Amazon.comContinue reading “Sorrow Can Become A Healing Agent”

Purposeful Prayer Life

Have you ever wondered what a #Prayer life looks like, maybe God is drawing you closer to him and wants a deeper relationship with you. Listen as Brittany is going to lead you to purposeful prayer life and prays for you to draw nearer to Jesus. More information about Brittany’s resources go to: #prayerContinue reading “Purposeful Prayer Life”