Day By Day Grace

Day by Day, Grace Scriptures and Prayers will engage you as you grow closer to committing your life to Jesus and to

Learn to listen to the Holy Spirit speaking into your thoughts.

Sit quietly, reflect each day with the Lord and watch changes in your life and heart through the prayers. If you need some reflection on your walk with Jesus, this is an excellent source of encouragement for you.
Author of Pray Attention,

Pray Attention

Pray Attention is a place to read devotionals, write whats on your heart and see God answer Prayer.
Those whom love God and want to know Him intimately this is written so that you know He hears every prayer so when you pray, pay attention as God will answer, in His time, not ours. God wants and desires heartfelt prayers, prayers for under- standing, healing, for others and for people we don’t know. Over the last ten years I have written out prayers and journaled, I try to go back and see God’s handiwork in the things I needed and the things He kept silent about and certainly for my own good. Understand this is a focused way of growing in your walk with Jesus, learning to depend on Him and see that He has had your best interest in every circumstance.

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Jesus The Word -Study Guide

Jesus became the living Word of life. Through this book you will be able to understand the beginning of Jesus life, walking through the beginning of His ministry to choosing His disciples and to the resurrection. This book is for refreshing your study of Jesus and for beginning your journey through this amazing life of the one who has put His life as a sacrifice for us all. There are discussion questions and many relating scripture verses.

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