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What Are God’s Promises?


Maureen Smith is a Bible Study Fellowship Group Leader, Mentor and Bible Teacher. Join Maureen,she brings the Promises of God to you every 1st Thursday of the month for more teachings.

As a disciple the Lord is PROMISING freedom to those who become his disciples.

The Lord Promises Freedom. Promise of Jesus

Seek God. God has plans 

Discipleship Series

How To Disciple

Tina Wanamaker is a wife & mother of 5 children. Tina has a Women’s ministry radio and tv broadcast as well as facebook posts on Tidbits of Truth.

Tina brings The Discipleship Series and says “Learn to Listen To The Holy Spirit,” she talks to us about; What is suffering? Join Tina every second Thursday of each month

How do you know you can be born again?

What Is a Parable? 

Parables of jesus

Patsy Ho (former Bible Study Fellowship Teaching Leader) will be teaching us the first of many parables of Jesus starting with The Parable of The Weeds join Patsy each 3rd thursday of the month for the Parables of Jesus

The Parable of The Sower

The Parable of The Seed

The Parable of The Mustard Seed

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