October Interviews

Ben Cooper; October 5- YouTube video link Kathy Howard; October 12 YouTube Video link Landon Swain; October 19 Sihol Situnorang; October 26 Be sure to check out the YouTube Channel The Call with Nancy Sabato September Videos on YouTube: Joe Dallas 9.7 Defending Your Christian Beliefs Jeffery McCall- 9.14 Changed- Transgender to Transformed Jenn TarbellContinue reading “October Interviews”

Why Does Jesus Christ Care About You?

Know who JESUS is Jesus cares about you and your life, He was sent into the world to save you from all the sin debt you owe. Yes, your life can change and only through what Jesus did on the Cross- He loves you so much that no power can overcome you when you giveContinue reading “Why Does Jesus Christ Care About You?”