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In 2020, when the world was in need of hope and steadfastness, Nancy Sabato set out to conquer her lifelong dream of leading a Christian ministry to reach people who want to know about Jesus Christ’s saving grace. On The Call with Nancy Sabato, guests share stories of perseverance, faith and courage – stories that give hope to those who feel worried and restless. 

The Call with Nancy Sabato allows viewers to see a living God who cares about people’s everyday lives. Those who seek answers about their life will learn that there is hope found in Jesus Christ. “Jesus saved me from a selfish life and a love for the world,” says Nancy. “His grace has saved me from a destructive path and a sinful life.”

Prior to starting The Call, Nancy spent nearly 30 years working in Sales. She has led numerous women’s bible studies and authored six books, including Pray Attention and Jesus; The Word. In her free time Nancy enjoys writing, painting and spending time with her grandchildren, who light up her life in every way. She is married and lives in Northern New Jersey.

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Amazon author of six Christian books, teaching about Christ., the newest book –Pray Attention Devotional, journal and prayers to help you hear Gods answers – 


Have you admired ‘Prayer Warriors?’ Do you have questions about praying? This book has your answers in concise, clear, and calming ways! I read it in one sitting. Could not put it down. It is an in-service/hands on manual. You learn to pay attention. God will answer in His time, not yours, His way, not yours. I refer to it frequently. Bottom line, after reading Pray Attention, you are one step closer to becoming a mature Christian!…..  Rosemary F

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Jesus is the focus of this program with guests that share their lives, their struggles & their transformation Stories with an audience that hungers for Him

Jesus Christ is The Answer

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