Jesus Calls You Friend

Jesus Calls You Friend

In this episode of The Call, Jessica Thompson – author of multiple books, including her recently released title, “He Loved Them: Discovering Jesus for Seekers, Sinners, Doubters, and the Discouraged” – discusses how Jesus calls us Friend and loves us.

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Continue to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show you Jesus and trust that He is close. He promises to never leave you or forsake you. Remember that feelings are important, but there are things that are more true than feelings. The Bible tells us that we are loved, accepted, and adopted into the family of God. Jesus showed love for the unlovable by caring for their needs, identifying with them, and showing them compassion. When we feel helpless, hopeless, and fearful, Jesus makes his appearance. He reveals himself to us in the ways that we need him and calls us to the throne of grace. As we remember that we are forgiven, we can have the courage to overcome doubt and discouragement.


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