Karl Clauson: Find Victory in Surrendering to God’s Power

Karl Clauson, lead pastor of 180 Church, joins The Call and talks about how to say no to self-help and yes to God’s power when struggling with defeat and destructive behavior. He explains that before being born again, everyone is trying to find something to fill the void in their life, but once born again, it is important to humble oneself under God’s mighty hand and rely on Him for guidance and wisdom. He shares the 7 resolutions from his book The 7 Resolutions Where Self-Help Ends and God’s Power Begins: join God; embrace the truth; kill sin; redeem the time; choose friends; manage money; and seek first. He encourages viewers to take a free spiritual assessment on his website sevenresolutions.com to determine where they are struggling and how they can grow. He reminds us that God is for us and has the power to help us out of the ditch we find ourselves in. He encourages viewers to put their hope and faith in God, and they will see their life change.

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