If you missed any of January’s Guests:

Bible Study Fellowship Kingdom Divided with Hollie Roberts https://youtu.be/58FT8VnmNHY

Michele Howe Author How Does God Give Us Grace? https://youtu.be/2OD_UNzF-BU 

Trevor Whitman Top 3 Reasons Why People Leave the Church https://youtu.be/jZgkK59A3a0

Cameron Arnett Actor|Director “I’m after the heart of God” https://youtu.be/AuwhJOP_IKw

Craig Ireland Grace, Faith, & Salvation – A Journey of Hope & Healing https://youtu.be/Adj5JlGquEM

BJ Arnett  ENDURANCE https://youtu.be/W3q6Vyx4_LM

Angel Murchison Finding Hope After an Abortion: Healing Your Heart and Mind https://youtu.be/USDlTF6QdDM

Thank you for watching The Call where we are leading you to Christ Through Stories and Teachings

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