Grace, Faith, & Salvation – A Journey of Hope & Healing

Pastor Craig Ireland joins The Call and we will be talking about Grace, Faith, and Salvation please be sure to stay until the end of this interview for a word of encouragement


#grace #faith #salvation #hope #healing #christian #god #forgiveness #miracles #redemption 

00:47 What is the difference between grace and salvation? 

02:16 What is the role of faith in salvation? 

04:00 How does grace impact our lives? 

05:24  How can I have faith that Jesus will save me? 

06:19 What is the extent of God’s grace? 

09:22 What is the biblical definition of grace? 

12:08 How can I show grace to others? 

13:25 How does grace differ from mercy? 

15:11 How can I know that I am saved by grace through faith?


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