Get Out Of Bed and Make Your Bed!

Sue Hamilton says “Get out of bed and make your bed!”

Many years I have had depression, back many years ago and if you left the bed undone then you could just crawl back in and nobody would know that you’ve been in there, so my rule is to make your bed because then you’re up,  move it or lose it get yourself going, get dressed and you can spend time with God. 

Sue shares a past story of alcohol addiction and how she came to God at her kitchen table.

#depression #Jesus #God #bed #getoutofbedandmakeyourbed

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YouTube Video

#depression #Jesus #God #bed #getoutofbedandmakeyourbed


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Published by Nancy Sabato

Producer of The Call with Nancy Sabato an interview program with people who are called to serve God, stories of redemption, overcoming sin, depression, disease, and addiction, and stories of miracles and life-changing stories to an audience seeking the truth, found only in Jesus Christ. Weekly segments include Bible Teachers that bring truth and wisdom to the audience. Many Christian encouraging speakers are invited to share ways to be energized and hopeful in your faith journey. Previous guests include Stormie O Martian, June Hunt, Sharon Jaynes, Carol McLeod, Mary Southerland, and many more. "Encouraging and lifting you to know Christ."

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