January Message from Nancy

You made such a big difference for us here at The Call, our hope is that the interviews inspired  you to want to go deeper with God and if you haven’t explored a relationship with Jesus we want to help you understand who He is to you. He died on the cross, that’s God  made flesh to come into the world to go to the cross for your sins and to save your soul from eternal death. Our sin debt paid in full.

#Jesus #God #Cross #salvation #eternallife 

We hope that you continue to watch the stories and teaching and that they have touched your heart and blessed your life – if they did, we have done our job in sharing  the gospel message with you.

Please be sure to share the stories with those who need to know the hope that we have of eternal salvation.

Two people that were dear to me went home last year to be with the Lord -Diane Slick Brown and Jim Carlisle-  please stay tuned for two short videos, sharing their message about Jesus!

Happy New Year

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Published by Nancy Sabato

Producer of The Call with Nancy Sabato an interview program with people who are called to serve God, stories of redemption, overcoming sin, depression, disease, and addiction, and stories of miracles and life-changing stories to an audience seeking the truth, found only in Jesus Christ. Weekly segments include Bible Teachers that bring truth and wisdom to the audience. Many Christian encouraging speakers are invited to share ways to be energized and hopeful in your faith journey. Previous guests include Stormie O Martian, June Hunt, Sharon Jaynes, Carol McLeod, Mary Southerland, and many more. "Encouraging and lifting you to know Christ."

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