Leading You To Faith in Jesus

James 1:2

Consider it pure joy, my brothers & sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds

Know who JESUS is

The Call will encourage you to seek to know more about Jesus Christ and His life as a Redeemer and Savior King!

Listen to the stories of lives that have been changed by the power of Jesus, where the truth of Jesus is spoken and Bible Teaching are exhorted.

July Guests & Teachers

July Special Guests

7/13 Sharon Jaynes – When You Don’t Like Your Story

7/6 Marquesa Lindsey- Forgiving The Past

7/20 Wes Bryant-Why Do Pastors Burn Out?

7/27 Melanie Redd – What is an Unexpected Calling

7/2 MAUREEN Smith –The Promises of God

7/8 TINA Wanamaker –Listening to Holy Spirit

7/16 Patsy Ho –Parable of The Sower

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More teaching on The Holy Spirit

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Christian Writer, Author and Speaker "Encouraging and lifting you to know Christ"

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