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In 1996, Three women met together to form a gospel group called “Southern Charm” they traveled around America singing for Jesus. Their first song was ‘In The Presence of Jehovah” . It’s the story of enduring love between these three forever friends, after 17 years they still have the opportunity to tour each year. You will laugh & cry as you hear their stories. They say, people came to Christ through their ministry and they felt their purpose was much more than entertaining people, God had a plan to use their singing voices to draw people nearer to Him. Thier ministry grew to reach so many for Jesus as they prayed together for that on and off stage. Wonderful story, it’s The Southern Charm story! —– #thecallwithnancysabato #faithoverfear #encouragingstories Watch faith stories on

Heidi Gaul is a writer and workshop instructor for writers, she writes for Guideposts & Chicken Soup For The Soul , she talks about her upcoming book and about her story of being stranger raped at 16. Through that she became promiscuous and fell into drugs and she hung out with people that she shouldn’t have. When dating her boyfriend she found she was pregnant and left alone. One night she was crying very hard and she said Jesus came to her and hugged her and she felt he had forgiven her. Then a friend invited her to Bible Study Fellowship and that’s when life began to change, she started learning about God. Join us for this video and experience the encouragment that can change your life today. Heidi Gaul Award-winning Freelance Writer – #thecallwithnancysabato #faithoverfear. #encouragingstories

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