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About Nancy Sabato

Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and devoted follower of Jesus

In 2020, when the world was in need of hope and steadfastness, Nancy Sabato set out to conquer her lifelong dream of leading a Christian ministry to reach people who want to know about Jesus Christ’s saving grace.

Prior to starting her show, Nancy spent nearly 30 years working in sales. She has led numerous women’s bible studies and authored six books, including Day by Day Grace, Pray Attention and Jesus; The Word. In her free time Nancy enjoys writing, painting and spending time with her grandchildren, who light up her life in every way. She is married and lives in New Jersey.

Nancy is a beloved sister in Christ with a powerful ministry! She’s a humble and willing vessel in the hands of our mighty God, and He uses her show for the glory of His kingdom!

Jennifer Sands

Author & Speaker

Christian Books

Nancy’s books reflect the ways in which Jesus has impacted her life and the lives of those around her, and her mission is to inspire others with God’s mercy and faithfulness.

It’s was one of the best interview experiences I’ve ever had. Nancy was very engaging, asking superb questions with both a sensitive, caring demeanor and excellent professionalism. She was, in fact, the embodiment of the loving believer we were talking about who enters into a successful, fulfilling marriage as God intended it. Our conversations both on and off the air were not only substantive, but also confirmation of her intense interest in serving the Kingdom of God. The radio ministry is in good hands with Nancy Sabato!

Dr. Gary LoveJoy

Psychologist, Author & Speaker

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