What Is The Pastor Really Saying?

Meirwyn Walters is the author of Intentional Preaching: A View from the Pew

Meirwyns message is powerful to pastors that get frustrated and congregations that are frustrated by some aspect of their Pastor’s teaching. Great interview with emphasis on helping the pastors and people understand the plan behind the pulpit.

You can order the book on Amazon.com Link to Intentional Preaching

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Jesus Changed Me

Scott Schneider, Lawyer & Author  wrote the book “Diamond in the Rough” which portrays a fictional character Taylor Green who had it all, but the past caught up with him and his life took a downward spiral. Scott shares his own life, not much different than the book and says that his mom took her own life when he was 18 and that pain turned into anger & alcohol, his journey through loss leads him to want to know Jesus.  

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Get the book On Scott’s Website: Scott Schneider-Diamond in the Rough

or Amazon.com

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Mob to God -New Identity In Christ

Robert Borelli grew up in a tough neighborhood in Brooklyn went to Catholic school and got lost in the shuffle of the local wise guys, doing runs for them & then became drug addicted, ended up in Rikers. Part of the Gambino Crime Family, drugs  and alcohol took over and was in and out of prisons, but then Robert received a new identity in Christ.

Robert has been interviewed on the 700 Club & Joni Table Talk- Joni Lamb

To read Robert’s book go to- http://robertborelli.com

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How To Help Runaways from being Trafficked

Pastor Chuck Evans in Texas tells us that when children age out of the foster care system who have been traumatized, they are vulnerable to predators, alot of kids run away. 70% of all children who are rescued out of sex trafficking who are in the State of Texas are runaways from the Foster system. Chuck shares a story about a girl named “Bubbles” who was a runner from the foster care system and the story of how she is prayed for and a victim of a man who was a predator she calls her husband.

Go to Pastor Chuck’s website if you would like to help in your community; 


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Foster Care System


God Multiplies Promise #14

Maureen Smith talks about Promise #14 from Luke 6:38 Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Maureen gives us an example of Elijiah and the widow at Zarephath and she says that if you have a need, if you have a desire for God to do something in your life, you must learn to give as well.Trust God and know you could never beat him in giving.God multiplies, with good measure.

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How To Walk In Your Purpose

Beth Townsend International TV Host of “Life On Purpose”  talks about the purpose that God has for you. Why do people give up on their purpose?

Beth says it’s hard to persevere, in the society today we live by sight not by faith, but the Bible says live by faith not by sight. If you first seek the Kingdom of God, ask and recieve, knock and the door is open, seek and find the right doors. whoever seeks finds. Be encouraged by this interview that will help you seek God for your life purpose..

For more information about Beth go to http://lifeonpurpose.tv

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June Hunt

How Do You Come Into A Relationship With Christ? 

June Hunt, International Radio Host talks about how she came to Christ and watched people being saved and didn’t know why she had to be saved but says in John 3:3 you must be born again to be saved. Because in John 14:6 Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Listen to June’s easy way to explain how sinners can come to Christ because she said that Sin is saying, I’m going to do what I want to do, sins separate you from God.

For more information about June and the ministry: http://hopefortheheart.org

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You cannot enter the Kingdom of God unless you are Born Again......Jesus Christ 
John 3:5

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